K+K Hotel Maria Theresia, Vienna

The location

It was a freezing February night in Austria. The very comfortable ride on the -relatively- slow (there is a faster option) train from the airport had been the occasion to marvel at how better suited Austria seemed to extreme temperatures.

After a couple of stops on the also very clean and efficient metro, I was able to reach the hotel and check in.

The hotel is situated near a metro station, within walking distance of the city centre. However, be aware that while Vienna is not big in terms of its population, a lot of avenues and official buildings are of awe-aspiring proportions, as a reminder of the mighty Austro-Hungarian empire.

The room

The warmth of the room was very welcome, even after a very short walk from the metro station. It was spacious, silent and very clean.

The breakfast

Breakfast was served in an equally spacious room downstairs. I was also able to dodge the offers for insipid filter coffee and use the espresso machine instead. Even though the coffee was not exceptional, at least the machine was easy to use. I found breakfast to be of a correct standard, even though not excellent. Staff also circle the room like vultures in search of an empty glass or plate,which can be a bit intrusive.

The price

At 135 euros a night breakfast included, this hotel is a reasonable option for the business or leisure traveller. The latter could, however, regret a slight lack of authenticity that is not compensated for by the international luxury feeling of, for instance, a Sofitel.

Kirchberggasse 6  1070 Wien, Austria


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