Hotel Marivaux, Brussels, Belgium

The location

The hotel is located near the Rogier metro station, which sits on the ringroad surrounding the Brussels city centre. It ensures easy access to European institutions as well as to historic landmarks.

Arriving from the station, I took a short taxi ride to the hotel. When the driver wished me a pleasant stay in Brussels, I was about to ask if he was alright. Actually, the welcome inside the hotel was as nice: my bag was stored for the day and I was given a handy little map of Brussels that bore the hotel logo.

The seedy shops surrounding the hotel were however a slight let-down. This can put some people off: an Estonian colleague asked me to walk her back to her hotel (the Hilton, just off Rogier). On a lighter note, there is a Waterstone’s just across the road from the hotel.

The room

The room in itself was not as grand or as modern as the hotel lobby suggested. It was, however very quiet, with an extra door separating the bedroom, which ensured a good night’s sleep. Shame the bed was a fake double bed (two mattresses cobbled together) with covers on top. What was also lacking from the room was a free bottle of water and an alarm service. Wifi, however, was free and very easy to set up.

The breakfast

The breakfast room is manned by disinterested-looking staff. Beware of the pastries and of the coffee machine, which is tricky to operate and poses as an espresso machine when what it delivers tastes just like acceptable filter coffee.


At about 130 a night, this is certainly no bargain. However, in a market that is eager to profit from a flow of travellers on expense accounts, I am told this is a fairly decent offering.

Boulevard Adolphe Max 98
1000 Brussels – Belgium


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