First Hotel Esplanade, Copenhagen

The location

The hotel is located at the end of the Bredgade, near the Esplanade garden. The queen’s palace and the old port, replete with restaurants, are both within easy reach. Copenhagen feels very safe and cosy; middle-class, but inclusive and open.

The room

After staying at the Esplanade in Berlin and at Club Quarters Trafalgar Square in London, this was a big let down: a creaky elevator leading to a dull corridor with tired carpets, and a poky room with a little bed more reminiscent of student accommodation than international hotels. It looked nothing like the pictures on the website. The bathroom was equally surly, with a tiny shower corner where you have to wash with a curtain in your face, while flooding the whole room. Facing the courtyard, the room was, however, fairly quiet, although you could hear other guests walking upstairs.

The breakfast

Equally disappointing. I would recommend sticking with bread and jam: other offerings look like they have come from a tin. An espresso machine offers barely honest coffee.

The price

At about 140 a night with breakfast included, I found this quite expensive, although I am told the Danish hotel world is often disappointing. If you are a not too demanding tourist, this might be a good start to discover Copenhagen.


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