Grand Hotel Esplanade, Berlin

ImageThe location

The Esplanade is located in the Tiergarten area of Berlin, a large park formerly to the edge of West Berlin. It is now home to a large number of embassies and bodies such as the Friedrich Ebert foundation. The hotel is about 15 minutes away from Potsdamer Platz and its modern constructions. Some can, however, find it a bit far away from the action and public transport.

The hotel is also well accessible by taxi from the airport, although this will sadly soon no longer be true, with the closure of Tegel and the opening of a new aiport, much further away.

The room

The standard room is very spacious, with a double bed, a desk and a nice armchair. The bathroom is spotless too, although the shower temperature tends to be a bit variable. The bed is supremely comfortable, although I wonder why only single duvets are available. Wifi is also fairly expensive. Despite the busy road with purring German engines, the room is very silent.

The hotel offers a wide range of services, such as a sauna. A bar and two restaurants are available, one of which offers traditionnal German food at reasonable prices, especially for a five star hotel. Be aware it is not a gastronomic stop though.

The breakfast

I am not going to argue: it is superb. A cooked breakfast is available, which is prepared on the spot at a counter. You will just have to dodge attempts for filter coffee: I only realised espresso was available on my second visit.

The price

At a 160 euros a night including breakfast, this is a very good offering. I have already visited twice and will definitely visit again.

Lützowufer 15  10785 Berlin, Germany

030 254780

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