First Hotel Skt. Petri, Copenhagen

The location

The hotel is located near a pedestrian area, with lots of shops, restaurants and cafes. On a Friday night, the area does not feel as genteel as on the other side of town near the old port, with lots of drunken and raucous Danes.

Staff are efficient and friendly: a receptionist asked about the correct pronunciation of my French name.

The room

My room was on the top floor of the hotel, offering a very nice, towering view of Copenhagen. It was quite good to be able to read in bed while enjoying the clear sky at sunset. The bed, a proper double this time, was very comfortable although adorned with the now infamous two single duvets. The room itself was fairly quiet, despite occasionnal drunken noise from the street. Wifi was free and easy to use. I enjoyed the bathroom equally, despite the absence of a shower curtain. I also had to try quite hard to find out how to operate the shower.

The breakfast

Breakfast is served in the brasserie on the first floor, next to the spectacular entrance hall. Although there is no cooked breakfast as such, I still found the selection to be of a good standard. On the day of my visit, I enjoyed: scrambled eggs with bacon (a bit salty), muesli with goji berries, good orange juice, pastries, bread and jam. There is also decent espresso coffee on offer, although it could come out hotter.

The price

At 180 euros a night including breakfast, this was not a cheap option. If I compare it with my previous stay in Copenhagen however, it is actually not this bad value for money.


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