Hotel Rathaus Wein and Design, Vienna

The location

The hotel is located outside outside Vienna’s old town (a 20 minute walk to the cathedral past the spectacular Hofburg), near the Parliament and the town hall. The neighbourhood looks mildly arty without being dodgy at all. The efficient metro is also quite near, at the Volkstheater station.

The room

The quiet coolness of the room was most welcome after the scorching June heat. The shower, quite unlike any other I have seen due to its spacious feel, large area, and high ceiling, was also very welcome. There is a nice touch, with a free jug of water. Wifi is also easy to use, while the bed, although adorned with the now infamous two duvets, is very comfortable. Some might find the room a bit barren, and the high ceiling might make it a bit echoey.

The breakfast

There is a decent offering; some form of cooked breakfast is also available (just eggs though), although you will have to ask. I certainly would not have found out were it not for the other guests. The nicest feature is probably the fruits, which are very fresh and tasty.

The price

At 157 euros a night including breakfast, this is a good option. The city of Vienna does, however, offer many other attractively priced options.


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