Hotel Favor, Düsseldorf


This new hotel is located near the Königsallee, and within easy reach of the historic city centre. The reception feels a bit small and was very hot on the day I arrived. With only one employee manning it, I had to wait a while before being able to check in.

Düsseldorf felt very pleasant that night, with lots of people out to enjoy the terraces without too much excess. This part of Germany feels very succesful in this respect, combining high levels of personal wealth with social cohesion.

The room

My room was small but efficiently organised, with a small bed. The bathroom is also quite nice, with a proper shower cabin. Wifi is free and easy to configure, although you cannot use two devices at the same time with the same code. I also found the room was quite quiet. A free bottle of water is provided, which was appreciated on this hot July day.

I was nevertheless less pleased with a certain amateurish feeling that I cannot really explain: but, for instance, I found the card did not open the door to my room anymore when I came back from dinner.

The breakfast

A fairly ordinary affair; some cooked offerings, but nothing is cooked on demand. Espresso might be available but you will have to say the magic word.

The price

129 euros a night including breakfast on this occasion. Nothing outrageous, but some room for improvement, which means I will be looking at other options next time I stay in the pleasant city of Düsseldorf.

  • Schadowplatz 7  40212 Düsseldorf
  • +49 0211 4476990

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