Hôtel La Chouette, Puligny-Montrachet

The location

This hotel was the first stop on the road to our holidays. Located in the home of legendary white wines, it is within reasonable distance of Beaune, where we attended a concert, and is a good base to explore the vineyards of Burgundy.

ImageBe aware that it is more a B&B than a hotel (as it says on the hotel’s website): we had to ring the bell quite a few times before being granted a rather frosty reception.

The room

The room itself is fairly spacious, a comfortable bed (no duvet though) and the quiet location ensure a good night’s sleep. There is an internet connection provided by cable, although you might find it difficult to access if you are using a VPN. The bathroom is equally large, though one might lament the lack of a proper shower cabin.

The breakfast

Replete with baroque singing and an excellent Japanese dinner, we woke up to a warmer welcome and an excellent breakfast. Breakfast is served in the large communal room downstairs and you will have to enjoy the company of other guests (all English-speaking in our case). Our hostess had prepared a very nice range of eggs, pastries, bread, jams, fruits and cooked fruits. Judging from the Nespresso machine, espresso coffee might be available, but you will have to ask.

The price

Not cheap, in the region of 140 euros including two breakfasts. From the number of foreign numberplates in the village, you are, however, paying a lot for the location.


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