Château de la Motte, Liessies (hotel and restaurant)

The location

The hotel is located in a very green park, next to some water. The surroundings are peaceful and quiet, if a little bit remote. We had chosen the hotel as a stopover before boarding a ferry, but the road to Calais was still long.

The room

There is a sensation that time has stopped somewhere in the eighties when you enter the hotel. After a steep set of stairs and a corridor, this feeling is reinforced when you enter the room. I had to kill quite a few flies and a couple of spiders, something I had not encountered in a hotel for quite a long time. The room itself is fairly spacious, but has got a very dated feeling to it, as eloquently demonstrated by the covers on the bed. There is also wifi, but neither of us were able to connect.

The evening meal

After exploring the room, we went down to dinner in the large downstairs dining room. Over an excellent bottle of Volnay from Olivier Leflaive, we had a nice visit from the owner of the establishment. This is something we had very rarely encountered before and is certainly something we would like to see more often.

The rest of the dinner was of an acceptable standard, in particular the starter, a tasty rabbit paté, although the dated feeling carried on: both the rabbit and the main, some guinea fowl, were adorned with far too many vegetables.

The breakfast

A major disapointment: low quality juice and pastries, smelly eggs. We had to refill on the ferry.

The price

Including the night, drinks and food for two, two “breakfasts”, the bill came to a reasonable 201 euros. Although we will keep nice memories of the welcome we received, the low quality of the breakfast and the slightly disappointing food will have us looking for other options should we want to stay in northern France again.


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