Club Quarters (Lincoln’s Inn Fields), London

The location

Club Quarters is a chain with 15 prime locations across the US and London (as we have previously discussed), although the Lincoln’s Inn branch views this differently to its Trafalgar Square counterpart. While the latter hotel is in the centre of the hustle and bustle, Lincoln’s Inn is a little more set back, overlooking the leafy square of the same name and with excellent access to the little-known Soane Museum just across from the hotel. However, you’d be mistaken for thinking that this location is in any way remote: it’s next to the London School of Economics, and borders the hectic Kingsway, which provides access to several eateries, supermarkets and more. You therefore get all of the action and little of the noise, even though you’re steps away from your nearest Underground station of Holborn.

The room

After receiving an upgrade for no reason at all (woohoo!) we weren’t disappointed to find that the Lincoln’s Inn room facilities are of the same calibre as in Trafalgar Square. Modern, elegant and functional, you have access to an iPod dock, chilled water, a flat screen TV, and a work desk to name but a few of the amenities. Unusually, this room also featured a kitchenette for self-catering, with 2 electric hobs, a sink, a fridge, and a convection oven/microwave. However, the hotel is still being completed (see below for more on this) and the kitchenette was arguably not fully equipped (there are plates, cutlery, napkins etc, but no pots/pans or washing-up equipment – but fear not, it appears the reason for the lack of the latter is because the staff wash up for you). Saying this, though, the equipment that was there worked perfectly and we were able to cook a pizza from the Sainsbury’s round the corner with no problem (I know. CLASSY.). Gilchrist and Soames toiletries are provided and the bed is comfortable, although the thinness of the curtains perhaps precludes a perfect night’s sleep.

The breakfast

We seem to attract free breakfasts for some reason at Club Quarters (NOT that we’re complaining!). This time it was due to the fact that the hotel was still being built: their own breakfast facilities were not ready, so as compensation all guests were offered free breakfast – not in the hotel, but at the Pitcher and Piano restaurant just steps away. Sadly Pitcher and Piano’s own excellent food did not feature; the buffet-style breakfast, in this case, consisted of a few surly pastries, boxed cereals, and poor-quality beverages. Fruit salads were available, but I don’t trust those little plastic prepackaged cups. Greetings from staff were sparse to non-existent and I’m not sure I would have been happy to pay for this breakfast. Still, free is free, the hotel are clearly trying hard given the circumstances, and we took it.

The price

Members can benefit from free weekend nights for themselves, friends and family (as a primarily business hotel they are desperate to fill the place at weekends), and this is what we typically benefit from, paying only the £18 tax. A normal weekend rate for non-members at Club Quarters Lincoln’s Inn costs between £109 and £169 per night, not including breakfast, depending upon the facilities you require. Although we perhaps don’t have a full measure of the place yet due to its ongoing work on its restaurant facilities, it still strikes us as being very good value, in keeping with the hotel’s existing branches. Even if we perhaps prefer the Trafalgar Square location marginally, we would visit again for the prime rooms and to check out their contemporary Japanese in-house restaurant Wabi, which is scheduled to open any day now.

61 Lincoln’s Inn Fields
London WC2A 3JW
Phone: (44) 20-7404-6640


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