Best Western Hotel Firenze, Verona

The location

The hotel is situated within walking distance to the historic centre. Verona has a very refined feel to it: its streets are clean, although some of its many historic buildings could do with some renovation work. There is also wonderful food on offer if you venture beyond the tourist attractions. I recommend in particular wines from the nearby Alto Adige.

The room

My room was very spacious (about 26 square meters), with wooden floor, a large and comfortable bed (no duvet but no itchy covers), a desk and easy to access although slightly slow wifi. The bathroom was equally spacious, even though the shower could have had more pressure. The room, equipped with proper shutters, was also very quiet at night, although you could sometimes hear water noise.

The breakfast

Quite disappointing; you will have to catch up at lunch as it seems Italians do. Good espresso is of course on offer.

The price

Booking a couple of months in advance, I was able to get my room at about 150 euros a night. In expensive Italy, this makes it quite a good option.


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