Return to the hotel Marivaux, Brussels

You may remember my previous visit to the hotel.

I had the chance to stay in Brussels for two nights again this month. Coming to Brussels from Paris always offers some contrast, especially on the local metro: the clothes are modest, and no recent iPhone in sight, but this lack of material wealth seems to have preserved commuters from the aggressivity that is so readily displayed by Parisians of all stripes. Somebody even offered to help me carry my bag up the stairs.

The hotel Marivaux again looked like the most reasonable option among the stratospheric prices that Brussels hotels tried to extort from business travellers.

The welcome was as nice as last time, the room as quiet (the bed even had a duvet this time). I also noticed a slight improvement with breakfast, with some cooked options. Coffee was still dreadful though.

I dined at the hotel brasserie two nights in a row, each being quite disappointing were it not for the smiley waitresses.

All in all a pretty enjoyable stay, but I would look for other options if I were to visit for a week-end: I attended a meeting in a hotel on the prestigious avenue Louise, where rooms were priced at 80 euros a night on a November Saturday.


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