Hotel Pantheon, Rome

The location

I stayed for two nights in October and Rome could not have been more charming: arriving from a foggy Paris, I found the City basking under a warm autumn sun. The central location of the hotel, within walking distance of the Vatican, the Piazza Navona or the fora meant I was able to enjoy succulent meals in authentic restaurants and walk to my meeting while enjoying spectacular views.

The room

It felt quite dark, the bathroom was slightly smelling of sewage (not uncommon in Rome I was told), and wifi was expensive and impossible to configure, while 3G and GSM were near non-existent. Animated conversations from the street could however find their way to the bedroom. I am fairly confident I also heard somebody from the adjacent room coughing.

The breakfast

It was of quite a low standard; I had to rinse my mouth after tasting the orange “juice”. They even had the bare-faced cheek to serve filter coffee. In Italy! To be fair they did offer a cooked option (scrambled eggs and bacon) but I found it of dubious quality.

The price

This is where it really starts to hurt: € 180 a night. While I understand this is to be expected, I would certainly be looking for other options were I to visit again.


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