Hotel New York, Rotterdam

The location

Truly spectacular waterfront location. I arrived late on a rainy and windy November evening, and enjoyed the surrounding of illuminated skyscrapers in the night. My room also had a superb view. Sadly I did not have much time to enjoy the town, as my meeting was taking place in the hotel. Staff are nice and speak perfect English. Somebody even phoned me to ask if my room was alright, something I had never encountered before.

The hotel’s building has an interesting history, being the former head office of the Holland America Line, and the place where European emigrants would leave for a better life in America. Today these days are long gone, the place bustling with affluent Dutch who are able to enjoy an unprecedented era of freedom and tolerance. I found this environment quite stimulating; an invitation to travel which reminded me of my earlier visit this year to Ellis Island.

The room

The first impression was excellent: the room was spacious, the bathroom large, the bed comfortable with a duvet. There was also a Nespresso machine, which is a better option than the coffee served at the hotel restaurant. The room was however very cold, and there was some sort of permanent light illuminating the flight of stairs leading to the sleeping area, which I think was enough to wake me up at regular intervals during the night. Wifi was also non-existent.

The meal

I had two dinners at the large and stunning restaurant downstairs, the first one on my own and the second one with the company of my French and Dutch colleagues. The second meal was better (I had fish instead of meat), with the first one being a bit heavy. The portions are also quite big.

The breakfast

Breakfast is served in the restaurant, where you will be able to enjoy the waterfront views. I found it to be of an excellent standard, with quite a few cooked options: I sampled the eggs, the sausages and the bacon, which were all excellent and cooked by a friendly employee.

The price

Not inexpensive (about 160 a night plus 17 euros for breakfast). The light in the room and its coldness would make me hesitate to return, while the comfort of the bed, the breakfast and the views would have me come back.


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