Return to the Hotel Rathaus Wein and Design, Vienna

You may remember my previous visit. This time the temparatures were much cooler, even if not down to the extremes I experienced last February. It was actually as nice to be inside the hotel, due to the efficient heating system in the room.

ImageI stayed in a different room, which had a totally distinct aspect to the one I experienced in June. It was as comfortable, but this one had a radio (it would have been even nicer if I had brought some CDs with me).

The breakfast was of equally good quality; I even thought about asking for a (very good) expresso this time.

The only thing I am yet to sample is the selection of wines offered in the rooms and at the hotel bar. Maybe for a future private visit, as the right mixture of understated luxury, elegant but sturdy design and value for money will definitely have me return now.