Sandton Pillows, Brussels

The location

The hotel is located on place Rouppe, a stone’s throw away from the Anneessens metro station, a couple of stops from Bruxelles midi (Zuidstation). This means that the city centre is easily accessible, as are various European institutions. In contrast to my previous stays near Rogier, I enjoyed being able to go for dinner on foot.

The hotel’s appearance is modern, but I was struck by two oddities: a sit-down reception, which is nice for the employees, but not so much if you have luggage, and a non-automated door (again, not so convenient with luggage).

The room

My room was on the top floor, with a narrow and slighty smelly corridor leading to it. The first surprise was the TV, which turned itself on when I put the key card in its slot. There was however sufficient space in the room, a free bottle of water, easily accessible wifi and a large and comfortable bed. The bedroom was also very quiet at night. The very small bathroom was more of a let down, especially with the shower’s tendency to leak.

The breakfast

For a hotel which styles itself as a luxury hotel and one of the cosiest hotels in Brussels, the breakfast was a big disappointment. Disinterested employees hover in the background, while you are left with poor quality produce and filter coffee.

The price

At 333 euros for two nights, the price was certainly luxurious. I will have to look for other options in the treacherous world of Brussels hotels.



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