Hôtel Neufchatel, Brussels

The location

Between the Munthof and Louise stations, in a nice residential area. It is however a bit far away from the city centre and European institutions. Access to the hotel itself is not very easy either, as you have to climb a few stairs and open the door. The welcome was friendly, though.

IMG_0411The room

Mine was on the last floor. Although it had a cosy feeling (it was just under the roof), the number of things that were wrong with it is almost too long to mention: cheap materials, a small bed, a strange setup for the bathroom as you had to walk through the shower to access the sink. Such a room would not have qualified as a hotel room in some countries.

The breakfast

Also disappointing, with low quality offerings.

The price

At 175 euros a night this is to me a cheeky attempt to cash in on travellers on expenses. I will make sure I do not visit again.

  • Rue de Neufchâtel 34  1060 Brussels, Belgium

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