Hotel Mancino 12, Rome

The location

Arriving from a wintry Paris, the mild Rome weather could not have felt more welcome earlier this week. After the usual scary drive from the airport, a surly taxi driver dropped me off near the hotel, vaguely waving in its general direction. The hotel Mancino 12 is indeed in a very small street and not really signposted. I arrived at a small reception to be given a friendly welcome.

Litterally at the foot of the momument to Victor Emmanuel II, just off the Corso, the hotel is an ideal starting point to discover the many hidden gems of Rome on foot. I particularly enjoyed strolling in the city at night under a full moon after some hearty Roman food.

IMG_0422The room

It was cosy, silent and spacious. The bed was large and very comfortable, the bathroom equally nice with a rainforest shower and good quality bath products. One feature I really enjoyed was the radio in the room (switches next to the bed), which allowed me to tune in to the excellent classical programmes of the Rai. Unfortunately the switches are illuminated and I know some travellers who would find this very irritating. However the radio is really something I would like to see more often, as it offers a nice background when you are working (there is free wifi on offer).

The breakfast

Virtually non-existent, with a few pastries, and some low quality juice, but decent coffee. Remember, however, you are in Italy, where you can expect a massive lunch. At 8 euros, it is no blatant rip-off though.

The price

Including two “breakfasts”, a  bottle of water, and various taxes, my average night cost 175 euros. Compared to my previous stay, I found this to be decent value for money and would certainly return were this sort of price available.


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