Howard Johnson Manhattan Soho, New York

IMG_0470[1]The location

We arrived from Washington DC after a brief stop in Philadelphia to a sunny but still rather cool New York. This ensured we got plenty of nice Central Park sun after visiting the amazing Metropolitan Museum.

From Penn Station, we had to navigate the fiendishly complex New York subway system, but eventually were able to get on a direct train to Soho. It was quite interesting to visit this part of New York, but slightly getting off the beaten track did not allow us to escape from the packs of French tourists that were roaming the city.

The room

It was small, lightly equipped, but the bed was comfortable despite strongly smelling of bleach. The bathroom was more like a wet shower room. The room itself was not very silent, although I noticed it was much quieter on a Sunday. Complimentary tea (and something masquerading as coffee) is freely available all day in the reception area, with extra snacks available at a price.

The breakfast

Something posing as breakfast is included in the price of the room and offered in the hallway. We did not sample much of it, preferringĀ  a satisfying brunch at Untitled in New York on our first morning. On our second morning, while heading out of the city towards our train back to Washington DC, we did sample a few of its muffins and cereal selections, which were acceptable.

The price

$236 a night, so actually not that bad value for money. But again, my recommendation would be to visit out of season.


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