Hotel Amalia, Athens

The location

The Athens heat was blistering and the drive from the airport dangerous. I was glad to arrive at the (perhaps too) cool reception area for a courteous welcome. The lobby of the hotel is spacious and well-kept. The hotel’s location will allow you to quickly attend meetings in the nearby ministries or businesses, as well as pay a visit to the Acropolis (about 10 minutes on foot).

ImageLooking at the empty shops you really have a sense here that the country is undergoing a serious crisis. The many Greek patrons at the lovely rooftop bar at the hotel de Grande-Bretagne, and the many Greek passengers at the front of the Air France flight indicate, however, that the crisis has not affected everybody in the same way.

The room

My room was rather tiny, but offered nice lateral views of the Parliament and the adjacent park. The bed was comfortable, but some may find it a bit bouncy. I found the bathroom to be rather dark and the shower lacking in pressure. It was quiet enough, except from when other guests decided it was appropriate to start a conversation in the lobby.

The breakfast

There is definitely some choice and some OK cooked options. Coffee and orange juice are disappointing though.

I also sampled the room service. Provided your order before 21:30 you can get a selection of tasty dishes.

The price

165 euros a night including breakfast, so a rather decent offering in high season.


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