Hotel la Griffe, Rome

Athènes 001The location

I had the occasion to visit this hotel, which is also part of the M Gallery collection, after my stay in Amsterdam. I visited twice recently, and on both occasions found the location to be a bit remote, on the busy Via Nazionale. It is however very close to the Quirinale hill and within walking distance of an excellent restaurant (Rinaldi al Quirinale).

The receptionists vary between aloof and friendly, although I thought that the friendly doormen left a good impression of the hotel.

The room

Both my rooms were quiet, with large beds. I was lucky enough the first time to get IMG_0476a junior suite on two levels and the fun of it helped to alleviate the shortcomings of the room. For instance, the plasticky floor (although the suite had wooden floor in the bedroom) does not look very good. Both bathrooms were equally big, with a poorly attached sink in the second. There is apparently wifi but I was unable to connect an iPhone or a VPN.

The breakfast

Served on the top floor, it symbolises the hotel’s delusion of grandeur. You will be able to enjoy a decent view over Rome, with substandard food.

The price

On both occasions, I managed to pay over 200 euros a night. This is OK for a junior suite, albeit a flabby one, but far too much for a room. I was jealous of my colleagues who managed to get a reservation at the Mancino 12 down the road for less.


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