The Normandy Hotel, Washington, DC

The location

A couple of rainy days were to conclude our otherwise lovely stay in the US, so we probably did not enjoy the location as much as it can probably be at this time of year. The hotel is up a hill, in a quiet side street located within the diplomatic district. Staff are nice enough, but this hotel struck me as having ideas above its station.The Dupont Circle Metro station is not too far; make sure you stop at the fantastic Kramer bookshop along the way. I bought the first hefty tome of Robert Caro’s fascinating biography of LB Johnson and it has proved an excellent read. The bookshop also doubles as a rather good cafe.

The room

Our room was quite small and dark. The bathroom was, however, comfortable, with a nice shower. Because of the quiet location, you don’t get much noise from the road. Sadly the same cannot be said about adjacent rooms. I also had to unplug the minifridge because it was too noisy. The overall feel was however quite cosy and the bed was comfortable. We also avoided breakfast.

The price

At $287 a night, this was our most expensive hotel night of this trip. As I have said, I would recommend visiting at cheaper dates or try to get a good deal at a hotel like the Kimpton hotel down the road, which we enjoyed last year.


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