Sir Albert, Amsterdam

The location

Although further away from the train station than the hotel I chose for my previous stay in Amsterdam, the Sir Albert is in a fairly nice bit of town, close to the world-famous Van Gogh museum and Rijksmuseum. What is not so convenient is the flight of stairs to enter the hotel and the sit-down reception: by the point I make it to a hotel, often after a stressful flight next to noisy children or a smelly fellow traveller and a dangerous taxi ride, I usually want to check-in quickly. I can see however that Sir Albert is trying quite hard to make a good first impression (you are offered a drink on arrival).

The room

My room was located below street level and was therefore lacking in luminosity. I also did not really like the fact that were was no bathroom asImage such (just a very large and luxurious walk-in shower and a sink in the room). There was also this terrifying feature for the seasoned traveler: the nightlight. I managed to occlude it with a bag, but there stayed one on the magnifying glass next to the sink. Good job I am not too fussy about this (I know some colleagues who are). Also be careful to choose the free wifi option. I got charged 30 euros for using the paying option, surely because of a misunderstanding on my part. The hotel was however gracious enough to remove the amount from my bill. On the other hand I liked the supremely comfortable bed very much, the quietness of the room and some nice touches such as a PG Wodehouse book on the shelves (there is quite a British theme here, more of which in a moment). There is also an Illy expresso machine that makes brilliant coffee.

Room service

There is a 24-hour room service and you can also order burgers at meal time. They are provided by a nearby eatery, the like of which abounds in Amsterdam. I did not try the burgers, but if the fish and chips I sampled are anything to go by, I can heartily recommend them. There is also a rather expensive Japanese option (the hotel houses a Japanase restaurant, which gets really busy).

The breakfast

My only disappointment with it was the price (25 euros), but for that you get cooked options and a buffet breakfast. I went for the English breakfast, which was fairly acceptable, and also sampled excellent bread, cereal and orange juice.

The price

Including breakfast and a meal, it came to a total of 219 euros. Will return.


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