Innside by Melia, Derendorf, Düsseldorf

The location

This hotel is located in a quiet bit of Düsseldorf which is home to a seductive mix of businesses (mainly clothing companies) and residences (sumptuous block of flats opposite the hotel). Despite being only a short tram ride away from the centre, the hotel can seem to be a little far away from the action, which it compensates for by being good value for money.

Arriving on a Sunday night is not ideal if you would like some food. The receptionist could also have been more welcoming.

DUSThe room

It was spacious, dark and silent at night. I enjoyed the very comfortable bed (shame about the one-person duvet though). While I also enjoyed the rainforest shower and the free bottled water, I was less enthusiastic about the transparent bathroom and the wifi (not free).

The breakfast

A disappointment for a hotel of this standard: the Radisson Blu in the harbour at the other end of town does a much better job. While the cooked options are of poor quality, the orange juice and the coffee are good.

The price

258 euros for 2 nights: good value for money, but I will continue to explore the large supply of Düsseldorf hotels.


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