Hotel Principi dI Piemonte, Turin

The location

After a pleasant journey on a tiny plane towards the small Turin aiport, my suitcase showed up almost immediately on the carousel and I embarked on the usual scary taxi ride towards the city centre.

I was a bit disappointed with the drive through decrepit, slightly dangerous looking suburbs as I did not get to see much of the city centre. I was however to later fall under the dignified spell of Turin, with its large squares, its arcades and its delicious restaurants with the Alps in the background.

The room

IMG_0563I was very lucky to be upgraded to a suite. While the traditional Italian design may not have been my cup of tea, I liked the large shower, the very comfortable bed and the silence. I however found the wifi to be too expensive and I would have liked a bottle of water in the room.

The breakfast

I am yet to find an Italian hotel were breakfast is up to international standards. This one is no exception: they even bring you filter coffee if you are not careful!IMG_0564

The price

For three nights, the bill came to a non-negligible 540 euros. While I will certainly contemplate coming back to Turin for holidays, I will consider other accommodation options in future.


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