Babylon Hampshire hotel – The Hague

The location

The hotel is right next to the central station, which is itself within easy reach of Amsterdam airport. The city centre is also very close, as are the ministries. I enjoyed a nice lunch with a Dutch colleague at the nearby Lavina.

On the whole, The Hague looks like a fairly pleasant city, although it was cold and wet when I visited.

The room

It felt dark and cold; I had to take a hot shower and get to bed with my laptop to work that night. The carpet looked a bit tired, and the (empty) fridge was so noisy that I had to unplug it. The bathroom was spartan, the soap was in a dispenser, the shower lacked pressure and the temperature was so variable that I burnt my hand.

The breakfast

Five letters: S-U-R-L-Y

The price

For two nights including breakfast and an overpriced meal at the restaurant, €350. I will look for other options should I visit The Hague again.


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