Only you hotel & lounge, Madrid

The location

This new hotel is located in a trendy area of Madrid, just off Gran Via, thereby ensuring easy access to the city centre and the museums. First impressions are good thanks to a porter, and a lobby making the most of the building’s architecture. Reception is equally nice, but I am not sure guests really want a glass of champagne when checking in.

I also notice the hotel was not quite finished, and workers could be seen about the dining room. Drilling also started relatively early in the morning – not so nice when you are trying to listen to a conference call. It is also not very nice to have visitors poking about when you are having your dinner.

The room

Quite compact, but I enjoyed its cosy feeling. The bed is supremely comfortable, an iPhone dock is provided, and the phone is stylish. I also enjoyed the large shower. On the downside, you can see that some things are still in progress: there is for instance no laundry bag, and no plug in the bathroom. Despite the room being quite silent, you could hear people having loud conversations in the lobby. Maybe a door to separate the bedroom would be an idea. Finally, there are more lights flashing at night than on an A380.

The breakfast

I really enjoyed it, with tasty orange juice and nice Nespresso coffee. It is cooked to order, the ingredients are of good quality and you can actually order quite a lot. Be aware that you need a bit of time though.

I also enjoyed one dinner in the rather cool dining room. I found it tasty but a bit expensive for what it was and I felt a bit heavy during the night.

The price

389 euros for two nights, two breakfasts and a dinner. Despite the few faults, I thoroughly enjoyed this stay and may return.


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